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Boise is the largest city in the state of Idaho.  Boise has been ranked numerous times as one of the top cities to raise a family.  With a University, the area known for technology based companies, and beautiful 4 season weather, its no wonder why Boise has seen so much growth over the years.

Start your Boise Idaho real estate MLS search and find your dream home.  You can also find out what your Boise Idaho home is worth if you are thinking of upgrading or downsizing into another Boise Idaho Home.

Just like with every city, Boise has many different sections.  You have Downtown boise, North, South, and East Ends. Depending on your lifestyle and living requirements, you will find a Boise Idaho real estate listing that you will love to call home.  Learn more about Boise directly from the City of Boise Website.

Areas to find your Boise Idaho Real Estate Listing

North End:

Generally defined as the part of Boise north of State Street, which contains many of the city’s older homes.  You will notice the tree-lined roads and notice the quiet neighborhoods near the downtown area.  The North end also features Camel’s Back Park, Hyde Park, and is home to many restaurants and businesses.  Enjoy the Hyde park street fair.

Southwest Boise:

Southwest Boise features sparsely populated neighborhoods from the 60’s to the early 80’s.  You will notice acre sized lots with the occasional farmhouse and pasture.  In the 80’s the area went through a “development stunt” to prevent urban sprawl, but since this has been lifted you will notice widespread growth of new homes and neighborhoods to increase the chance of you finding your Boise Idaho real estate listing.  This area lies near internet 84.

Northwest Boise:

This area lies against the Foothills to the North, State street to the south, the city of Eagle to the west, and downtown Boise to the east.  There is a mix of old and new communities and good options to find your Boise Idaho Real Estate Listing, including lakeharbor, which features the private lake called Silver Lake.  Northwest Boise has a similar appearance to the North End.

Warm Springs:

Warm Springs is a neat area.  It is centered on the tree-lined avenue of Warm Springs and features some of Boise’s largest and most expensive homes.  You will notice a lot of Victorian style homes due to the time these homes were built.  The area sits at the natural hot springs that flow from Boise’s fault line and actually warm many homes in the area.

East End:

Featuring a hotel with hot springs in the foothills.  Some new developments, easy access to the highway which takes you to the south-central Idaho mountains, Foothills, and River.

Southeast Boise:

Home of Boise State University.  This can be considered a not well known beauty located within minutes of the river, greenbelt, lakes, snow, mountains, and more.

West Boise:

Featuring Boise Towne Square Mall, the largest in the state along with restaurants, strip malls, residential communities featuring new homes to apartment complexes.  This is the flattest section of Boise with views of the Boise Front.  West Boise borders the city of Meridian Idaho.

Boise Idaho Job Market:

Boise Idaho is home to some well know major corporations and technology companies.  If you are transferring into Boise and looking to take on a job with the following companies, then you will want to settle in and find your ideal Boise Idaho Real Estate Listing to call home!
– Boise Cascade LLC, New Albertsons Inc, Idaho Pacific Lumber Company, Idaho Timber, WinCo Foods,, Clearwater Analytics, Micron Technology, IDACORP, Boise Inc, American Ecology Corp,, Syringa Bancorp, Clickbank, Crucial, and many more technology and corporate companies.

Some awards that Boise Idaho have received and, most likely has played a part in so many people finding their dream Boise Idaho Real Estate Listing are the following:

– Best Towns 2010 (#1 Overall Town in Western U.S.
– Top Ten Cities to Live In: #10
– One of the best places to live in 2009
– Best places for business and careers: #2 Forbes Magazine, 2008
– Urban environment report card: #6
– Boomtowns: Hottest cities for entrepreneurs (midsize cities): #9 2007
– Most Secure Places to Live (500,000 more residents): #1 – Great place to raise a family and feel secure while searching for your Boise Idaho real estate listing.

A typical Boise Idaho real estate listing does not last long on the market.  Start your Search today and find your dream home before someone else does.